Star of Alaska jewelry is handcrafted in the United States of America by OroCal using the rare Alaskan gem- Covellite.

OroCal is a family run business and has been selling unique Alaskan gems since 1965.

Star of Alaska is a rare gem of highest, premium grade quality found in remote central Alaska. The Star of Alaska’s beauty reflects its local lineage, fully indigenous from “the last frontier.” It is a gem-quality stone, mined at the historic Kennecott Mine, Alaska’s most famous mine owned by J.P. Morgan and the Guggenheim family, located in the remote wilderness of the St. Elias mountain range. Orocal, an acclaimed Alaskan jewelry manufacturer, has taken these gems and transformed them into exquisite pieces. This gem quality material is increasingly rare and highly sought after by gem collectors. The production from the Kennecott Mine is considered the finest quality Star of Alaska in the world because it was found in large, pure, massive pieces. The mine, which opened in 1906, closed permanently in 1938, making the gems very scarce. For years, the stones were in a private estate, and only now are available to the discerning public.

All Star of Alaska is hand cut and hand inlaid in 14k yellow, white gold or Platinum Sterling(TM) metal.

All pendants include a free silver or gold plated chain.

Many designs include diamonds that are SI quality, GH color or premium diamond cut sapphires.

Star of Alaska jewelry comes with a five year warranty (we make product ourselves and stand behind our products) with exception of the free chains.

Every Star of Alaska piece comes with a certificate of authenticity/registration with listing the customer name, exclusive retailer, item number and date of purchase.